After a day-long session with blogger Sarah Denton

After a day-long session with blogger Sarah Denton, I finally managed to start putting up some photos. However they’re from earlier in the summer, July I think, and the garden has been through some major changes since then. The cucumbers are closed for the season, the beets are acquiring bottoms, and the fall peas are up and blooming their little heads off. Some things I will do again, others not so much. But over all this odd little garden has been one of the best I’ve grown, both in terms of how much was produced and how very much I enjoyed doing it.  Of course a life threatening illness will tend to make one a bit more appreciative. But my return to health, such as it’s been, can be directly attributable not just to the exercise, but to the lightening of spirit that comes with seeing nature work its miracles. Many a summer morning was spent with the first cup of coffee out next to the garden in a lawn chair, focusing on just one plant, or the light, or the breeze. My mantra changed from “Let me get through this day” to “I am blessed beyond measure.” More photos to come when they get back from the processor. And some garden thoughts that are more about the garden than about me. ‘Bout time, doncha think?




2 thoughts on “After a day-long session with blogger Sarah Denton

  1. I hope you are in good health now, Marideth. I am at the age where my older (not much) are dropping like flies.

    Take care please, Margaret

    • Yes, I know that one all too well, Margaret. Even more troubling are the younger ones that we lose. Certainly makes one more conscious of “making hay while the sun shines.” And BTW, you can bother me absolutely any time. I love grits, but am not the best at fixing them. If you’d care to share the secrets, I’d appreciate them. And I love fried Okra, not those little batter-coated nuggets but the real thing,dusted in cornmeal and fried until crispy around the edges. Food of the Gods!

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