New book of gardening essays to come soon

“I’m pleased to announced that on June 30 in the wee hours of the morning, I finished the first draft of my collected essays on gardening and garden-related writings. It’s still a few weeks away from its final version, but it looks pretty good. I have a few pieces I’ll have to lay in by hand, as there’s no digital copy. And even though I like 12 point type because it’s easier on these elderly eyes, I may have to take it down to 11 point, because even without the additions it clocks in at 270 pages in a 6X9 format. I will also be making it available as an ebook. Thinking about calling it Crosspatch, after my newspaper gardening column. More to come.”


The History of Gardening – As Told By Marideth

IMG_0335Well, you’ll never guess what I’ve been doing. I’ve been spending these long hot afternoons, when the outside is not fit to be outside, in gathering up all the loose pieces of gardening commentery I’ve generated over the past decade and something, either from newspaper columns or blabs I’ve created for the radio – and putting them together in one place. Thinking I’ll make a book of them, and maybe an e-book as well. I’ve tried a number of things in a number of places over the years, and have learned a few things as well as discovered that some of the gardening knowledge I’ve held most dear just isn’t so. I’ll be posting a sample soon and you can tell me what you think of it if you like. It’ll be more musings than science, but I had fun going back through some of my experiences and reflections, and I hope you will too. Stay tuned.