What’s with her?

A truck, a dog, a house on a hill and an improbable garden, half of which grows on a recycled shuffleboard court in straw bales and containers. Marideth Sisco is a retired journalist, author, folksinger, folklorist and Ozarks storyteller. She is the host of the regional public radio series of audio essays, “These Ozarks Hills,” available on line at http://www.ksmu.org. She is also a veteran gardener, and can get quite cranky about it at times, even when things are going well. However they’re going, she will practice moderation, patience and creative improvisation – all good for the soul. But she doesn’t have to be nice about it.


Yes, it’s another damned little gardening blog where I plan to talk you to death about my little patch, not of earth, but of pots, haybales and a recycled shuffleboard court that is currently growing 3 kinds of beans, 8 kinds of tomatoes, chard, mizuna, cucumbers, peppers and an eggplant. Sure you don’t want to stick around? Well, stop by later and I’ll show you the family photo album.

Good heavens! I just realized my intro at the top of the page is from FOUR gardens ago. Where the hell have I been? Never mind. I know the answer to that, and it’s not pretty. But now here we are, and the ever-changing garden is underway, with early stuff in the ground – too many cabbages and chards, and not nearly enough onions, and god only knows when I’ll get the potatoes in the ground. But Just Enough kohlrabi. And the Orange balsam thyme and the Mexican Marigold are blissfully happy in their great big pots. 
So really all’s right with the world except for what isn’t. And we gain on it daily. So join in. Tell us what in your garden is causing you to mumble under your breath. Mine’s just the same old thing. CrabGrass!! Better than Bermuda but not by much. And still showing its ugly face in places where I thought I was rid of it. Tomorrow, by god, it’s the propane weeder. I’ve had it.!



photo credit; Sarah Denton



4 thoughts on “What’s with her?

  1. It’s me again, Marideth, and will try not to bother you until the next time.

    I was asking if you (Missourians) liked grits and/or okra. I was teasing, but so many of my friends cannot stand each, and also guessing you don’t have to fight red clay while digging in your garden. The potters around here make beautiful “stuff,” out of it. Such fun.

    Hope all is well. I am thinking about carving a Barn Owl on my pumpkin.


  2. Hey, you’re a gardener? Good gravy, woman. I’d love to hear more about your adventures in that arena, if we can ever find the time. (Ah, yes, and coffee, too.)

    I do a website about gardening in the Ozarks that you might find surprising, diverting, or even useful. It doesn’t try to sell anyone anything. It’s one of things you do to give something back, you know?

    Gardening became a passion for me back in the mid-70’s. I quit the book-editing biz and started gardening and landscaping for a living, did all right, and eventually edited five of the Ortho Garden Books, which were phenomenally successful because they incorporated some plain old Midwest don’t-waste-my-time common sense.

    Later…and by the way, crankiness is always welcome.

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